FAR Colony (FARC) is a space strategy game, either turn-based or in realtime according to the player's choice, that taking place in a hard science-fiction future.
The plot is about the setup of one of the first extrasolar colony, based on a semi or fully private/public initiative according to the options chosen at the start of a game, a certain number of years after that the first manned interstellar experimental flight occurred.
The player will have, in a first phase, one standard year (Earth based) to settle and make his colony viable, and also to answer favorably to the goals imposed to the player's faction via the objectives of the Colonization Phase.
The final outcome after this year will be decided, according to the Colonization Viability Score that will evolve during these 365 standard days, which will open to a fully or partial independence or, in the worst case, a proof that the colony can't sustain itself and isn't viable. Of course this outcome will also depend of the faction of allegiance the player will chose.
The second phase will be a sandbox one in which the player is more or less free, accorded to the outcome, to develop his own faction.
Of course the dependence status isn't written in stone and can evolve to independence, by policies...or by force for example.

Outside of this, the orbital object (a planet or an an asteroid) will also provide some challenges; via its weather system, and its fauna and flora if the object has any.

You must note that the game is asymmetrical, which means that at the contrary of many other space strategy games the player doesn't start at a same level as the other factions when a game begin. That doesn't means that the game is impossible to play, nor the player can't compete against the other factions, even the major ones. Partly because space is big and impossible to entirely control with a handful of spacecrafts, and also because of the size of the earthling nations. Bigger doesn't means better or more powerful, it means also a lot more of problems, even without taking in consideration the geopolitical tensions on Earth, and also across all the Sol system, between all theses factions.
The background of FARC, even if more optimistic for anything space related, isn't all rosy; the game begin after a certain period of chaotic development through the 21st and 22nd centuries, and at the start of the game some of the geopolitic blocks are even in some sort of cold wars between each other, due to economical competition and the extrasolar expansion of these factions.
The player begin the game after the dust settled... a bit.

But History is never able to bust hope nor the exaltation of discovery and adventure... at least not indefinitely.

Development Tools

FARC is developped in Delphi and use GLScene has its basic 3d framework and the TMS suite for many elements of the interface.

OpenOffice is used for the main design documents and all its related spreadsheets and diagrams.

Notepad ++ is used for the to-do-list, the XML files, and helps for some edition of the source code.

VisualCode w/ OmniPascal is used as a complementary of Delphi.

Fractal Terrains, and its mega-addon Terraformer, is used to generate and render the surface files of the orbital objects.

Maya and Blender are used for 3D render and creation of 3d assets. There are also used to modify and render open source / free assets

FBX Converter is used to convert certain formats for May and Blender.

Photoshop is used for its main role, image and image format manipulation.

HelpNDoc is used for the documentation / Knowledge Base.

The whole is stored in a dusty 1950x/64gb computer.


FAR Colony is distributed under the GPL 3 license and is free.  Its source was open from the start, but since the first trimester of 2017 it went to trouble with the open source community that rejected this project due that commercial third party tools are used in it. The Github repository were removed and reinstated a few time after since I didn't wanted to pay for a private repository.

In February 2018 I finally cloned the repository into Bitbucket and is private. The Github repository has effectively been removed.

The source code will stay private indefinitely. I could perhaps in the future release snapshots archives of it but it isn't a priority.

FARC stay naturally under the GPL3 license, and the release of the game will stay distributed under it.

Most of its assets are released under Creative Common Licenses and other open source/free licenses.

Please refers to the credits in-game for all the details.

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