The context of FAR Colony is at the 23th century, at one time when the human being travels towards other stars by the use of hyperdrives. It is a mixture of “hard science fiction” with elements of traditional space-opera from of which here various characteristics:

  • In spite of the advanced technological level, the spacecrafts remain expensive to work out and build.
  • Space travel remain a risked adventure, with many technical constraints.
  • The hyperdrives allow to carry out fast interstellar transits between 2 stellar systems, but these technologies are still young and far from being controlled.
  • There is no extraterrestrial civilization in the game. Not with a practical aim, but because stellar exploration by the human being of the universe is very recent. On the other hand the extraterrestrial life exists in all its forms.
  • There are few planets similar to Earth. Without being hells, the majority of the ecosystems require a more or less heavy adaptation.

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