The game occurs 60 years after a manned prototype spacecraft used for the first time a hyperdrive, allowing it to travel to one of the nearest star in a reasonable time compared to a human lifespan.

Since humanity started to explore and colonize the Sol system, the geopolitical environment stayed the same; the authority and source of power was concentrated among the Earth space faring nations and political blocs. Even when colonies grown on Luna and Mars to reach respectable sizes.

The first truly space faring faction, not tied to any Earthling power, was the Mining Colonies Alliance (MICAL) and after this one some others seen also the light of the day. Most of them were mainly Earth corporations transforming themselves into what is called "transworlds corporations" and the rest were originated from a blend of fringe groups and wealthy individuals.

After that humanity finally hopped itself toward other stars systems, several colonies were established on these extrasolar worlds and certain became extensive at the point to become the first extrasolar nations.

All these factions share this space “eldorado” in a very relative harmony. The universe can be a beautiful and huge landscape, but the humanity has still certain internal borders which seem to be more difficult to cross and overcome than experiencing interstellar space travel.

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