*Is FARC another X4 Space Game?

It is and it isn't in the same time. It's more like the game Outpost (the first one: see this wikipedia page ) than a Master of Orion clone.

*Is it free?

Free like air; to use, modify, and redistribute even if I prefer that it keep one source (at farcolony.com).

It was open-source before, but some events made me left the open-source community. But that doesn't change the status of the game itself and your ownership of it.

It is why I keep it released under the GPL 3 license.

The files are stored on farcolony.com which I pay the name and hosting for three years in advance for each cycle.

*Your game is boring and/or looks like a screensaver and/or and feels incomplete...

Since it's an alpha, I focusing mostly to the implementation of the game systems.

The game lack of some core game systems and also lack of a lot of assets; like all the rest of the playable factions, final planetary systems (there's only one for now), and many infrastructures.Without forgetting the spacecrafts.

The game lack also of many useful information feedback for the player.

For the boring part I can't do much for now; FARC isn't made to be a casual friendly game, but something between a simulation and a complex strategy game (like Aurora for example), without pretending anything.

This concept would certainly be a failure as a commercial project, but as a free project it is OK.

Just keep in mind that it is done by only one person (out of the assets' creators), not made by a studio in full time, and that there is a certain number of alternatives out there.

*Do I need to read a user's manual before to use it?

For now the only source of game information is the in-game encyclopedia.

I plan to make a wikipedia page on the main site, but it isn't for the near future.

For the user's interface and game concept, there is nothing that can serve as guidance for the player yet; many things have a probability to change and expand, and it would be a waste of time to maintain a document or something useful for the player at this stage of the development.

In the future, my plan is to implement a sort of tutorial engine to give the player a full kit of informations on how to use this game.

*Talking about schedule why it's so slow?

 I'm a one man army that do development during my free time so I can't do miracles but I do my best to keep the faith in the completion of at least its core game systems. After so many years I would be really relieved to reach finally this point, trust me :)

*Does that means that the development will be halted afterward?

No, I have many thing to do after the completion of the core game systems, like adding finally the assets, complete the hole in the details of each game system and tracking these scratchy bugs.

After that, I have a ton of ideas to expand this game, so it is very long term. I just hope to not complete it in 10 years but that's another story.

*Do you consider other platforms? 

No. Some years ago I talked about a "possible" native Linux port, but I have already too much work to do with this version only, and no more spare time.

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