Unlike a classic strategy game, where the player begins nearly at the same level as the factions managed by the AI, the balance of power is completely asymmetrical in FARC.

The player's first colony seems to be a grain of dust compared to most of AI's ones, but since nothing is perfect the major factions have their flaws and the game allow the player's faction to be able to compete them.

Here are the advantages and flaws of the Sol's factions:

    • they have a higher count of colonies with the bigger number of populations
    • they also have the highest production levels, in theory


    • lot of colonies means of many and diverse internal troubles
    • most of the power of Sol factions is concentrated in the Sol system itself. Outside of this one, their range of action is from weak to barely average
    • The space units are costly and take a long time to produce, so a military space force of 5 to 10 space vessels can compete and to fight against Sol's factions in an extrasolar environment.
    • finally there are geopolitical problems between these solar factions, and that slow down productivity and development. Localized conflict can occurs too, most of the time fuelled by trans-world corporations.

In conclusion, to compete with these factions isn't impossible.

For the extrasolar factions, the 3 biggest ones are weaker than their counterparts coming from Sol, but have better extrasolar military capability than them.

Out of these 3, there are many little factions scattered among the planetary systems.

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