The simulation of the player's faction is treated a bit differently than for the non-player's factions since, by design, his faction is more or less dependent from its faction of allegiance and the backstory of the expedition that will settle the new colony.

Faction of allegiance and backstories are chosen during the setup of a new game, here are their details:

    • Faction of Allegiance is the faction where come from the colonists that will settle the first player's colony. Selecting one allow three things:
      1. to adopt a Socio-Political Matrix with a specific culture and ideologies.
      2. to have a specific common core of technologies.
      3. to unlock specific backstories that the player can chose for his/her expedition.
    • Expedition determine the type of expedition, regardless of any background story the future colony will be part of. For general examples it can be a military base or industrial complex.
    • Expedition's Backstory put in context the motivations and history of the colonists. As for the Faction of Allegiance, the choice of it unlock viability thresholds, a line of credit (optional), some viability objectives to fulfill during the Colonization Phase, a basic configuration of the population of the future colony, a list of equipment, and a list of common core of technologies.
      Some backstories may have several origins, such as a common core with several alternatives. In this case the player must choose among the available origins.
      This original variation does not affect the gameplay data on the selected backstory, this is just to give different possible flavors to the player.

After this setup, the game is divided in  two phases: the Colonization Phase and the Expansion Phase:

    • The Colonization Phase is a phase where the player has a limited time to make his/her colony a viable one and fulfill the colonization objectives imposed by its faction of allegiance.
    • The Expansion Phase, is the phase after the first one, described above, that is more or less open to the player to expand and continue the adventure of his/her faction.
      No particular system manage this phase, but the SPM continues to manage the range of access into the actions allowed to the player. The results of the Colonization Viability Score and also the level of the 3 statuses of the player's faction also affect how the player will be allowed to play its faction.

To these effects, the player's faction has statuses that indicate the link of allegiance regarding the faction of origin from which belongs the colony.

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