The MUN, which is also called the Unity, is native from an ancient colony named New-Europe. This colony was founded by the ESA (European Space Agency) after it sent colonists toward the Magellan III stellar system.

This colonization project was the cause of some political troubles between the European-Union and the Earthling Space United Nations, due to the fact that the consortium managed the mission and put it in place without the agreement of the ESUN, thus making it independent of the absolute control of that organization..

Years after, New-Europe have decided by referendum to adopt complete independence with 79% of the votes and Magellan Unity was selected as a name of replacement.

The political system of this faction is based on a federative democracy where each planet other than the mother planet represents a "region" that operates in a semi-autonomous way rather freely.

Local governments are elected by the local population, who in turn elect representatives of the central government based on New Europe.

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