The CPS manage the Colonization Phase, where the player has one standard years (365 standard days) to fulfill objectives, called CPS objectives, imposed by its faction of allegiance.

This system focus on three parts:

    1. it manages the time the player has left before the end of the phase. If the time left reach zero, the system calculate the final outcome, generate a report and give, according to the outcomes, options to the player. A game over can also be triggered if the final outcome of the colony is not viable.
    2. it manages the fulfillment of the CPS Objectives.
    3. it manages the colonization viability score (or CVS), which is the mean of the scores of all the objectives.

Once this phase is done, regardless of the final result, this system is no more initialized, enabled and used for the rest of the current game.bjectives scores and the CVS.

The system is triggered at different and specific times. Please refers to each of its respective topics.


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