The player's faction has statuses that indicate the link of allegiance regarding the faction of origin from which belongs the colony.

There are 3 of them:


- Economic: concern anything about the economy, the trade system and the research and development of the faction.


- Social: concern anything with the political systems, the administrations, the population and its culture.


- Space & Military: concern anything about the building, management and control of space and military units.

Each status has a level going with a range from 0 to 3. The details of these are below:

Status Level



not viable, it's a game failure situation because the colony can't sustain itself


stable but fully dependent, the worst yet playable case, it's also at this level that the player's colony start


semi-dependent: dependence in which the player can apply some change within a certain range


fully independent

So if the player's faction has a level 3 in all the status, it is fully independent.

At the start of a game, the player's faction begin at level 1 for each category, excepted if specified.

Also the objectives are grouped in these three status.

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