The Time Flow System (TFS) is a hybrid system that process the flow of time in the game either in realtime or based on turn-by-turn.

This system is basically a threaded timer which has multiple functions:

The time in FARC is tick based, with the basic equivalence of 1 tick = 1 second of real time = 10 minutes of game time.

One particularity of this system is that it has the ability to manage the time flow in two modes: real-time and turn-based:

    • In real-time mode, time flows regarding the basic equivalence, and you can pause the game at any time. The flow can be accelerated until a fixed point; x1 / one time, x2 / two times, x5 / five times and x10 / ten times.
    • In turn-based mode, time goes by turn when the player decides to end the current one. The basic turn is also equals to the basic equivalence of 10 minutes of game time, but it is also possible to process biggest turns in one session; by hour, standard day, week and month of game time.

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